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Laser Eye Surgery Orange County

What can you expect from a laser eye surgery Orange County experience? The first and most important thing is that you will need to be qualified by your doctor to have this surgery. Those people that are pregnant or have diabetes, for example, cannot have this procedure done because their eyes will not heal fast enough.

Once you have been qualified by your laser eye surgery Orange County doctor, you can then proceed to the surgery room and be seated in the operating chair under the laser microscope. After making yourself comfortable, you will be given the eye drops. Many people fear eye drops, and there are three main eye drops you have to get, so you’re going to have to get over that fear for this procedure. One eye drop is to anesthetize your eyes, one is to prevent any infections, and the last is to control postoperative inflammation. An eyelid speculum will be used to insert the eye drops and to keep your eye lids out of the way for the remainder of the surgery. Many people say that the eye lid speculum looks too uncomfortable, but those that have had this procedure say that you will get used to it very quickly.

The next part of the procedure is where it all happens. The doctor will place the laser microscope over you and ask you to look into it. When you look into the microscope you will either see a red dot, or a green dot. The color of the dot depends on the kind of laser being used. The doctor will then ask you to stare at the light around the dot and you will need to hold still at this point.

After the laser is charged, the programmed computer will do the rest. It is really a very simple procedure and with the experienced laser eye surgery Orange County doctors, it is definitely worth looking into!

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